St. Luke's Chapel
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Out of the Old, Comes forth the New Some of the extensive cracking following an earth tremor measuring 5.6 on the Richter Scale

Displacement of side wall and rotational cracking to rear wall

St. Luke's Church - taken by TBR Westgate around 1902 St. Luke's Church on the day of its demolition on 14th September 2006

Mpwapwa Mission is historic.  During the Nineteenth Century, and the early years of the Twentieth Century Pioneer missionaries from Uganda always halted here when passing.  Among these were Bishop Hannington, Bishop Parker Pilkington, Ashe and O’Flaherty.  Alexander Mackay began work here.  Near this mission Henry Morton Stanley is said to have slept when travelling back to the coast after having met David Livingstone.

In this picture taken by TBR Westgate around 1902 we see St. Luke's Church and behind it the second Mission House.  The first Mission House is believed to have been near this one.  In about the year 1889 the Arab Bushiri burnt it to the ground.  The CMS missionary Rev JC Price escaped unhurt and took refuge with the great pioneer, the Rev H Cole at Kisokwe (Chamuhawi).  Price eventually died after succumbing to malaria following a severe famine and was buried just behind St. Luke's Church on Jan 23, 1895.

St. Luke's Church continued in service until in 1997 the congregation moved up the hill to the new All Saints Cathedral, which had

been built on the original site of the first Church that had been burnt to the ground on the same night that the first mission house was attacked by the Bushiri.

It remained disused until in 2006 it was necessary for structural safety reasons to demolish it following an earth tremor measuring 5.6 on the Richter Scale.

The stone and roofing materials have been harvested and the site cleared ready to extend the now nearly full graveyard that used to surround it

The old St. Luke's Church Site being cleared

The New St. Luke's Chapel
An Elevation of the Proposed St. Luke's Chapel

In order to commemorate the old St. Luke's Church and to continue the historical links with the past, it has been decided to reuse the stone salvaged from the old building in order to build a new Chapel of the same name to serve St. Luke's Hospital, so that both the bodily and spiritual needs of those coming may be served.

Generous Donations from Christ, Church Dartford and St. Nicholas', Sevenoaks, both parishes in the Link Diocese of Rochester are sufficient to cover the construction costs.

Section through Proposed St. Luke's Chapel
Cutting the 1st Sod (18th July 2007) The new Chapel foundations set out Pad Foundation Excavations
Though friable the limestone rock outcrops needed to be cut out by hand to complete the pad foundation bases - Petro (the swahili version of Peter, meaning rock),undertakes this work!

1st August 2007

The 11 foundation bases for the concrete concrete columns which will form the structure of the Chapel have been completed and the pad foundation bases cast, ready to receive the columns.

Pad Foundation Reinforcement shoes being prepared
Pad Reinforcement shoes placed next to the excavated bases ready to be concreted in Pad Reinforcement Shoes being adjusted into position Moving the hand-mixed concrete into the foundation bases
Setting of RC Column Formwork 8th August 2007

The first five of the lower sections of the Reinforced columns that will form the main structural framework of the Chapel have been cast.

4th September 2007
The foundations having been completed, the hardcore for the base to the concrete sub-floor is being laid and the edging formwork fitted ready for the sub-floor to be cast.

Concreting of RC Columns
Laying of hardcore and Sub-floor Formwork Preparations in progress

7th September 2007
The Sub-structure for the new St. Luke’s Chapel is now completed.  It has been a long week with fairly intensive effort, especially yesterday – the team were on site before first light and only completed the final bit of the sub-floor concreting about half an hour after dusk had fallen, by the floodlights fitted on my Land Rover!  All in all the team humped 7m3 of hand mixed Grade 25 concrete into position, whilst also completing the electrical first fix for the power ring and forming a down-stand beam to take the internal wall of the vestry.

The Foundation Stone to be laid by the Archdeacon of Tonbridge being prepared
Preparation of Downstand beam to take internal wall to Vestry Dawn to Dusk Concrete Sub-Floor Laying!
Bishop Simon welcomes the Archdeacon of Tonbridge, the Ven. Clive Mansell

15th September 2007
The Archdeacon of Tonbridge, the Venerable Clive Mansell, from the Partner Diocese of Rochester (Church of England) led the service to unveil the Foundation Stone for the new St. Luke's Chapel at Ving'hawe, which reads: -

"This Foundation Stone
Of St. Luke’s Chapel
Was Unveiled by
Ven. Clive Mansell
Archdeacon of Tonbridge
Diocese of Rochester
(Church of England)
On 15th September 2007"

Ven. Clive Mansell Unveils the Foundation Stone for St. Luke's Chapel
The Service to Unveil the Foundation Stone for St. Luke's Chapel, Ving'hawe Ven Clive & Jane Mansell with Godfrey & Dr Rachel Tarling
Rebar Fixing to External Ringbeam


6th November 2007

Work is now well underway preparing the formwork for the first phase of the Reinforced Concrete structural frame for the Chapel.

Preparation of formwork for RC Column Structure
The formwork for the central beams under construction

28th December 2007

With the outer Reinforced Concrete structural frame for the Chapel in place work is in hand to put up the formwork for the inner central formwork that will form the main chapel roof and the base of a clerestory cupola to maximise light within the worship area.


Whilst the carpenters erect a scoffold the masons have been busy building up the rear stone walls
Final Preparation of Upper Roof beam Formwork

14th January 2008

The structural frame is completed!

Rebars in Upper Roof beams

Placing Concrete into the Upper beams
The Rear Steps leading to the Chapel Vestry

29th January 2008

The Stone walls are now well underway.

The design utilises a Reinforced Concrete structure to give stability and earthquake resistance, whilst also providing for a lofty roof to give the worship area some 'lift'.  Around the concrete frame two types of stone have been used.  The Biotitic Schist laminated stone, which is yellow/pink in colour harvested from the original St. Luke's has been complemented with a

The stone walls under construction

black homogeneous Migmatitic Gneiss Stone to give the back of the Apse a clean finish as a backdrop for the Celebrant.  Natural daylight is added through the four triangular arched 'Trinity' windows and an upper clerestory will give both airiness and natural ventilation, to achieve a place where individuals can enter to rest awhile, larger family groups can come and give thanks or just recuperate from their journey into the Clinic, and indeed staff members can have their daily devotion or be updated on the latest news or seminar teaching.  All in all, we hope it will be a place for the whole community to be served in Body, Soul & Mind as it supplements the wider work of St. Luke's Clinical Centre.


1st February 2008
The External Walls reach window height
Construction of Cupola Walls & Installation of Windows

14th February 2008

The central reinforced concrete beams that form the roof having reached a 28-day cure work has begun on forming the upper cupola clerestory.  Work has also continued on the lower walls with all of the windows having been installed and the electrical first fix nearly completed.


Formation of Stone Cross & Electrical 1st Fix
Formation of Stone Arches to Windows

22nd February 2008

This week has seen the more complicated arches being constructed as well as the final completion of the electrical first fix. 

Preparation of stones to form window arches

Placement of Keystone to Internal Door Arch by Mason Mwangale (right) and his assistant
Rear Vestry Door Arch under construction Stone Walls nearing completion
Preparing the joints of the Clerestory Window Completing the joints of the Clerestory Window

5th March 2008

The Clerestory Window having been completed works are now underway to roof the Chapel.

17th March 2008

The rear steps are completed.

The Chapel with its Clerestory Window in position
Fitting of Cupola Cap (Cross) Piece

With the beginning of Holy Week a Cross (Cupola cap) is erected atop the completed upper roof.

Completion of handrail to rear ballustrade
Erection of fasçia Boards Preparation of Rear Steps Handrail Completion of Roof Structure

4th April 2008

The Lower Roof is now ready to receive the Corrugated iron sheets.

Internal Pointing Works
Lower Roofing & Pointing Works

15th April 2008

Work on the Chapel is now moving into the final finishing stages


Pointing pf Cupola Stonework

21st April 2008

The Chapel is secured!Fitting of Chapel door

A rear View of the Chapel.
Demounting of Beam Formwork

23rd April 2008

Following on from the fitting of the external doors and completion of the roof, internal works can proceed without hindrance.  The beams and columns have been plastered up and the electrical 2nd fix completed

Completion of Floor Screeds TANESCO Mains Electricity Connection St. Luke's Chapel, Ving'hawe

6th May 2008

The Works have now reached Practical completion.  The only remaining works are a small amount of Internal Decoration and the installation of window casements.

+Jacob Chimeledya knocks three times on the main door to demand that the Church Elders allow him to Consecrate their Church!
The Assembled Congregation listen to +Jacob Chimeledya Preach about St. Luke

17th May 2008

The Service of Consecration was conducted by the Rt. Rev. Dr. Jacob Chimeledya on Saturday 17th May 2008

+Jacob Chimeledya Preaches in front of the new St. Luke's Chapel

+Jacob Chimeledya & Can. John Madihi conduct the first communion in St. Luke's Chapel Can. John Madihi blesses the Bread & Wine
+Jacob Chimeledya Unveils the Opening Plaque The Cathedral Traditional Elder's Choir sing for Joy! +Jacob Chimeledya gives his Final Blessing as the Work of St. Luke's Chapel begins a New Era
+Jacob Chimeledya reads the Memorial Plaque in Remembrance of Dr. Frederick Drayson, Mrs Anthea Knowles, Prof. David West & Mrs Barbara Tarling A set of 4 'Creation - Uumbaji' Windows designed by Mr David Walker (a former Mpwapwan Missionary) in Remembrance of Dr. Frederick Drayson, Mrs Anthea Knowles, Prof. David West & Mrs Barbara Tarling are dedicated +Jacob Chimeledya Blesses the 'Creation - Uumbaji' memorial Windows
Stars & Sun Creation WindowTrees & Seeds Creation WindowWildlife & Newborn Creation WindowMadonna & Child Creation Window
The Assembled Guests of the Diocese of Mpwapwa say their farewells to Godfrey & Rachel Tarling (Missionaries in Mpwapwa from 1993 - 2008)

St. Luke's Chapel

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