The Building Surveyor
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The Diocesan Surveyor

   So what has made up Godfrey’s work life over the past years which warranted a commitment to a fourth tour that will took us up to 2008?

The Site Managers

   First of all, a larger than life agenda that stretches all boundaries ~ sometimes literally as we try to reconcile the ever increasing pressures on Church lands, and secure church lands for future generations as the population continues its exponential expansion.

   Secondly, a commitment to be available to the parishes to give advice and planning services as they seek to replace mud huts with permanent Church buildings and pastorages.  The Diocese may have only 70 parishes, but each parish has upwards of a dozen or more congregations sometimes well over 30km apart.  Travel to the southwest of the Diocese can mean being away five days or more and knocking up in excess of 700km, all of which is over rough terrain.

   Thirdly, overseeing strategic projects ~ be it school buildings that have been opened by the Nation’s President, His Excellency Benjamin Mkapa or undertaking Contracts to develop the buildings of the Anglican Provincial Theological College at Kongwa, and the local Bible School at Chamuhawi.

   Fourthly, training the construction team both at managerial level, and in the skills of masonry and carpentry for those who wish to be craftsmen and women!

    The Diocese is large, and the needs continue to flow, needs that can not always be economically afforded at a local level and hence Crosslinks commitment to our partnership so that we can come alongside pastors as they struggle with the community’s needs.

The Building Surveyor

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