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Topographical Map of MpwapwaAerial View of Mpwapwa The Landscape of the Dodoma Region

What is Mpwapwa Like?

  • Mpwapwa is a market town of about 30,000 serving an area about the size of Wales.  It is rather like a Western film set minus the horses (bicycles instead)!

  • Traditional Wagogo Upendo Choir from LupetaTraditional ways abound with the fabric of society still enriched by a strong embodiment of the predominant Wagogo Culture as typified by the sound of gourd lutes and 'Morris' leg bells

  • It is a fairly mountainous area and takes 2 days to travel by car from north to south.  Most people live on the plateau at about 3,500ft above sea level, though others mainly from the minority Wahehe tribe live atop the 7,000ft mountains which benefit from better rainfall.

  • It is fairly arid and only gets good rains 2 years out of every 7.


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