Village Life
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Chigogo Drums

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Village Life Is Not So Romantic ...

 When Seen From the Other Side of the Door

  • Life for the majority is extremely hard.  The farming season is Ox Ploughing near Ng'hambi only about four months long and for the rest of the year the soil is as hard as concrete.  Thatís not to say that Inside a Gogo Boma folks are without chores.  There is always firewood to collect, water to be carried and in the dry season that might mean a 20km walk, then it has to be cooked over an open fire; but then of course there are myriads of children to help out.  Food is stored at harvest and gradually consumed over the year till the next harvest

  • Few have any creature comforts.  To own a table is a luxury (the communion table oftenGogo Tembe doubles up as the pastors dining table and is carried across to his house as soon as the service ends) and oneís home made bed is often upturned after death (and covered with all purpose cloths called Kangas) to Gogo Bedroom become a makeshift coffin!  Note the typical cock making himself at home!  He will compete all too willingly with the Mullah at 4.30am to give everyone the call to prayer.

    Kiboriani Children

  • The local houses are basically wattle and daub with a flat roof of logs, twigs, mud and finally grass turfs.  Hardly the best way to keep out mosquitoes even if such construction was highly successful at dousing fiery arrows from raiding tribes in centuries past.

Drummers March Pass a Gogo House

  • Even the drums being played by the passing
    school band are made out of pig or goat skin
    and recycled cooking oil tins



 Village Life

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