Rural Clinics
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Rural ClinicVillage Dispensing from Land Rover

The Village Clinics Improve the Mothers’ Welfare

Bumila Inzomvu Kimagai Mang'hangu
Idilo Iyoma Lupeta Makutupa

An educational  Family Planning Leaflet in Swahili has been produced by St. Luke's: -

Leaflets in Swahili have been produced by St. Luke's for Expectant Mothers, which include: -


  • Maajabu ya Mimba32 page Booklet - Maajabu ya Mimba - The Wonders of Pregnancy - ten months until the "guest" arrives.Matazamio ya Miezi Kumi Mpaka Mgeni Atakapofika!

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Please note that these publications are copyrighted: -

(Unless otherwise stated to: © St. Luke’s Dispensary, Mpwapwa – 2004)

You may freely use them for Educational / Not for Profit Purposes, provided the source is acknowledged.

Otherwise please first seek Permission, Thank you.

Family Planning Seminar - LupetaFamily Planning Seminars – to educate local people (especially men) about the value of Family Planning, to promote the uptake of the service.


Teaching Through DramaSeminars for Traditional Birth Attendants Traditional Birth Attendants Seminarto help them recognise complications early, and to help them protect themselves against HIV

Rural Clinics

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