Mpwapwa Maternity Wing Progress Report
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Dear All,

The men travail to bring forth a very tangible labour in the new Delivery SuiteIt is now just over a year since the first sod was cut at the end of May 2003 to begin the excavations for the foundations of Phase 1, and the completion of the finishing touches is now well in sight.  It was no mean task, given the slope of the site, to form the foundation walls and fill and compact the resulting voids ready for laying the concrete sub floor.  Final preparations were completed to make sure that  everything lined up The Main Entrance is Securely Set in Place correctly.  The door frames were installed and cast into the floor for added strength, which allowed the walls to be securely built around them.

Mengi Kapingo & Joseph Mlulu taking care with a detail of the flooringThe first course of the internal walls was then laid so as to split up the concrete floor slab to allow for natural shrinkage  during curing and to predetermine expansion / contraction joints in an otherwise large area.  The momentum of work has never ceased in building the walls up to roof height.  A reinforced concrete earth-tremor ring beam to prevent inward collapse in the unfortunate event of a major earthquake has topped these - Tremors of around 5.9 on the Richter scale are notRoof Trusses being manufactured on site unknown in the Dodoma Region.  Roofing works have been completed.  Work to the intersecting roof, which involved removing the old sheeting, A good View of the Works altering the roof structure and getting it all watertight again had to be completed in just one 16-hour day, as it was the rainy season at the time.  

The Roof Trusses Ready for Covering

Hand-mixing the concrete for the new floorsEphraim Installs the Front Entrance Gate





Plumbing Installation and ceiling erectionThe building has been plastered throughout, floor screeds laid, plumbing works have been completed, the guttering is up so as to ensure that next year's rains are harvested in time for making the blocks for Phase 2, all the doors have been hung, dado rails fitted in the ward, delivery suite and corridors to protect the walls from bed and trolley movements and decorations, including tiling in the sluice and ward bathroom, have been completed, and electricity is connected.The Matron's Office being plasteredGilbert Samile makes sure all the doors fit correctly





The only remaining task is to install inspection covers for the external drains, and those are busy curing, and will be fitted in a couple of weeks time.Sluice Room Tiling

Investor in People Logo

The Completed Delivery Suite

We continue to give praise that this has been made possible and give thanks to an increasing number of donor organisations for their generosity.


Superstructure Blockwork Reaches Window Height
Eight months on: Phase I takes Shape



The Blockwork Comes to a Head!The Roofing Sheets Go On!





"Topping Out" Service - Giving Thanks to God (7th February 2004)

"Topping Out" Service

Maternity Wing Extension - Phase 1: Ready for flooring

Phase 1 "Floor Plan"

Vital drainage runs are laid ahead of the rainsNo Cutting Remarks Please!






          Drainage                         Block Cutting

The ground drainage was laid ahead of the rains - a vital piece of work to avoid substantial environmental erosion, as the old drainage run had to be taken up when the new extension foundations were dug.  

It has a Ring to it - The final section of the ring beam is cast in-situ!The Gable Wall Goes Up!

       Ring Beam                          Gable Wall

The children of the local Ving'hawe Primary School brought water twice a week to keep the water levels in the Tanks provided by St. Bede's School, Redhill topped up.Children from Ving'hawe Primary School bring their 5ltr contributions of WaterAli Sanwaji makes the final electrical connections




The entrance doors are ready to welcome the first mother-to-be

The Completed 4-Bed Maternity Ward


Curing the Blocks
Keeping the blocks damp is a vital part of the curing process!
The District Commissioner of Mpwapwa Officially Opens the New Wing

Phase 2 Construction Works further extended  the facilities adding a theatre to cater for all mothers, and not just those who are not expected to have complications in childbirth.

The delivery suite opened on 8th July 2005 by the District Commissioner of Mpwapwa, Col (Rtd.) Enos Mfuru will allow those with known safe deliveries to give birth in a clean safe environment adding a theatre as planned under Phase 2 will ensure that all complications and emergencies could be given equal opportunity.

Phase 3 has added an additional ward, independent of the main building to allow those recovering from Caesareans not to take up bed space for those able to give birth normally.

Phase 4 due to open during 2007 will add an Anaesthetic & Recovery Room Suite.



One of 4,000 hand made Blocks!Putting a building up is like conducting an orchestra; all the sections need to be brought together in harmony so that the music flows. The team has worked hard to produce a very pleasing result that will provide a valuable service for many years to come.  Now the time has come for final rehearsals to prepare everything for that first delivery!

We give thanks to God for everyone who has made this possible.

Preparing The Concrete Blocks
Preparing The Concrete Blocks


Yours sincerely,

Rachel Tarling

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Mpwapwa Maternity Wing Progress Report

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