Parish Projects
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Advice and Planning Services at Parish Level

  • This one is a new Church at Mkoka in the northern Deanery of Zoisa, though typically in any year upwards of 10 or more are started throughout the Diocese.  These are community led projects funded largely by the parishioners themselves and can take anything up to 20 years to complete.

Foundation Ceremony of Blessing at Mkoka Church

  • The Area Dean, Horace Matema, conducts a short service of blessing after laying out a new church to replace the old mud block hut.

Foundation Ceremony at Chinang'ali

Building for the Gospel

  • After laying out the hard work starts, though it may look like the start to this years efforts on the church allotment, it is in fact several days hard hand digging to reach down 4ft or more to put in good foundations

Foundation Ceremony of Blessing at Hogoro Church

  • These pictures are at Chinang'ali where a new home is to be built for one of the lecturers at St. Philip’s and at Hogoro Parish.  The late evening sun indicates two fairly full days with several sites being visited earlier in the day.

St. James', Dodoma Road, Kongwa

  • Eventually the Churches get roofed: -

St. James' Church During Re-roofing

  • Another area of vital importance is to get the Church sites officially recorded.  Increasing population counts bring enormous pressure on any unused land, even if it would be better kept for future generations to develop their Church facilities rather than giving it away now for housing.

Parish Projects

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