Mother and Baby Clinics
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Mpwapwa Maternity Wing Project Proposal - DIOCESE OF MPWAPWA

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Weekly MCH Clinics in the Local Villages Save Time for the Mothers

Baby Weighing in Village

  • Once a month we visit 8 nearby villages to hold Antenatal and Mother and Baby Clinics to: -

Village vaccinationVillage vaccination

  • Weigh babies.

  • Give Vaccinations - B.C.G. / D.P.T. / Hep B/ Polio / Measles.

  • See those who are not thriving.

  • Examine Antenatal mothers.

  • Vaccinate them for tetanus.

  • Provide Family planning.

  • Also when Rachel goes to the more distant villages: -

  • Medical treatment is available, and

  • Prescriptions can be given.

Mother and Baby Clinics

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