Mission Statement
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Dayosisi Ya Mpwapwa

(Anglican Church of Tanzania)

Diocesan Shield

Kumtazama Yesu

Looking Unto Jesus

 The Diocese was officially inaugurated on 23rd June 1991.

It serves the Districts of Mpwapwa and Kongwa in the Central Plains of the United Republic of Tanzania.  90% of the people live and work in the rural villages.

The main aim of the Diocese is to: -

Preach the Good News of Christ to enable all people irrespective of race, tribe, creed or religion to enjoy continuing spiritual and bodily development, so that they may come to know God, serve Him and inherit His Kingdom after life on earth.

 Mission Statement

“Presenting everyone Complete in Christ”  

This calling is fulfilled in two main ways:- 

  • Preaching the Gospel to everyone and witnessing to the work of Christ.

  • Providing social services and economic development to all alike – to every religion and tribe without favouritism.

Mission Statement

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