Mission Education 2008
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Prayer Card 2008 The Itinerary

Church Date
 St. Nicholas, Sevenoaks 16-23rd August 2008
 St. Matthew’s, Cheltenham 31st August 2008
 St. Mary’s, Reigate 14th September 2008
 Christ Church Bromley 28th September 2008
 Christ Church Dartford 12th October 2008
 St Andrew w St Peter’s South Shoebury 2nd November 2008
 St. Margaret’s, Angmering 23rd November 2008
 St. Nicholas, Sevenoaks 30th November 2008
 Whitefoot Lane Christian Centre 11th January 2009
 Christchurch Redbourn 18th January 2009
 Christ Church Bedford 25th January 2009

    Mission Education 2008

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