Mpwapwa Maternity Wing Phase 4 Progress Report
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St. Luke’s Hospital
Anæsthetic & Recovery Room Suite

Now Completed & Comissioned!

Anæsthetic & Recovery Room Foundations under construction Following the practical completion of the 12-Bed Ward in March 2007 an Anæsthetic & Recovery Room Suite has now also been completed to complement the Theatre Facilities already constructed last year.



20th October 2006

Anæsthetic & Recovery Room Foundations under construction
Construction of Reinforced Concrete Linking Bridge

The two remaining works still to be undertaken are: -

  1. Putting up the rainwater goods – this also needs to be done on the 12-bed ward, which is as yet to receive its fasçia boards.
  2. Painting the render below floor level outside – which will be some months off yet as the moisture levels are still very high from all the water it collected during the Wet Season.

8th November 2006

Laying of Concrete Sub-Floor to Anæsthetic Suite

Superstructure Walls under Construction

Funding for the projected construction costs has now been obtained for which we give much thanks to those who have made it possible and Praise to God for the Generosity and Support that lies behind the giving.  Additional funding will be needed to equip and furnish the two rooms, especially for an Anæsthetic Machine


24th November 2006

Superstructure Walls under Construction

Roofing Works


Roof Trusses in progress of being erected

22nd December 2006


Adjusting the Fasçia Board on the Access Bridge Roof

12th January 2007

Rendering Externally

Plastering the Anæsthetic Room

9th February 2007


Erection of Ceiling Joists in Bridged-Link Corridor

22nd February 2007

Completion of Ceilings

1st March 2007

Floor Screeding

2nd March 2007

Completion of Floor Screeding

15th March 2007

Preparing the formwork for the capping of the Sim Tanks

Preparing the Rebars for the RC Concrete SIM Tank Cover

19th March 2007

15th March 2007

Applying Tyrolean 'Splatterdash' finish to the external walls

St. Luke's Hospital, Mpwapwa

21st May 2007

Installation of Swing Doors

30th May 2007

Electrical 2nd fix in tiled splashback to fitted cupboards

28th May 2007

Site Manager, Joseph Mlulu, is rightly proud of the standard of finish he has achieved

16th June 2007

Works underway to complete a covered walkway to the 12-bed Ward

13th June 2007

Rozina - one of the new midwives in the new Anæsthetic Suite

16th June 2007

The Plans

Proposed Anæsthetic & Recovery Room Elevation

Anæsthetic & Recovery Room Floor Plans

The Target

(£1 = TZS2,339.075/=;  Correct as as 20th October 2006)

Phase IV Maternity Wing - Anæsthetic & Recovery Room Suite GBP £Stg   Tanzanian Shs
Building Costs - Now Fully Funded   £5, 959.62   TZS 13, 940, 000
Furniture & Equipment Costs   TBA   TBA
Estimated Total   TBA   TBA

Mpwapwa Maternity Wing Phase 4 Progress Report

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