Mpwapwa Maternity Wing Phase 2 Progress Report
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St. Luke’s Hospital
12-Bed Ward Opened by Prime Minister Pinda (MB)

Tree Removal and Concrete Blocks ready for work to start in earnest

Opening Plaque

Phase 3, which has added an additional ward, independent of the main building to allow those recovering from Cæsareans not to take up bed space for those able to give birth normally, as well as providing for 'Expectant' Beds to allow those from far off villages to avoid having to travel close to the time of delivery was opened by The Rt. Hon. Mizengo Pinda on 17th November 2008.

Work has also been undertaken to add an Anæsthetic and Recovery Room Suite to complement the Theatre Facilities completed in 2005.

Excavation of Foundation Trenches for 12-Bed Ward

Internal lintels being prepared

12-Bed Ward Foundations

Superstructure walls go up!

Roofing Installation in Progress

12-Bed Ward

The Completed Ward set out with beds

The Plans

Plans for 12-Bed Ward

St. Luke's Hospital takes shape!

St. Luke's Health Centre

St. Luke's Hospital - May 2007

The Target

(£1 = TZS2, 016.13/=;  Correct as as 9th January 2006)

Phase III Maternity Wing - Additional 12 bed ward   GBP £Stg   Tanzanian Shs
Building Costs   £22,841.12   TZS 45,472,000
Furniture & Equipment Costs   £2,511.56   TZS 5,000,000
Estimated Total   £25,352.68   TZS 50,472,000

Meanwhile, at the direction of the Government Inspectors fencing works (all made locally on site!) to enclose the site are also well advanced, as are works to provide facilities for a plumbed in latrine in the maternity wing: -

Incinerator Compound Fencing General Fencing Works Soakaway Excavations



Preparing the barbed wire Inserting the barbed wire Manufacture of Main Entrance Gates by CAPU (Craftsmen & Atrisans Production Unit)

Mpwapwa Maternity Wing Phase 2 Progress Report

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