Mpwapwa Maternity Wing Phase 2 Progress Report
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St. Luke’s Hospital
Maternity Wing Extension

Phase 2 - Reaches Practical Completion!

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6th October 2005

The Completed Maternity (Minor Ops) Theatre

Dear All,

Setting out the foundations for Phase 2Phase 2 of the Maternity Wing Extension at St. Luke’s Hospital, Mpwapwa, which has been funded by DfID (UK Government) through its Small Grants Scheme is now fully completed and will allow the Maternity Wing to cater for all expectant mothers, and not just those who are predicted to have a 'normal' childbirth, as were coped with in the Delivery Suite that was completed last June.Getting the foundation walls underway

Since the foundations for the Theatre and (Equipment) Sterilisation Unit, which were laid at the beginning of February 2005, the construction team have worked tirelessly to produce a very pleasing result. Also, enough concrete blocks for the next phase have also been made.

Levelling the foundationsThe foundations were levelled and filled with inorganic Filling the foundations with inorganic spoilspoil which was all thoroughly compacted down; ready to lay the hardcore and concrete floors.  All of this was very labour intensive as very few mechanical aids are available locally.

Digging the Pit Latrines

Opportunity was taken at the same time to excavate a pit for a block of 6 (Long-drop) Latrines to serve the unit, so that the resulting spoil could be used for rThe Completed Latrine Blockeducing the amount of Reinforced Concrete floor slabs being prepared for the new Latrine Blocksoil needed to be brought in from off-site.  Whilst work on the foundations progressed, the carpenters completed the doorframes and windows so that these could be built into the superstructure as work proceeded to ensure a secure bond.Windows are built in as work proceedsAn Earthquake Protecting Ringbeam is cast






Final construction of Superstructure WallsThe superstructure walls were topped with a Reinforced Ring Beam to give protection in the event of an earthquake.Gilbert Samile Adjusts some Roofing Struts





Roofing works followed on using locally available Termite resistant timbers.

The walls were rendered externally and plastered internally.

Decorations to Phase 2 get underwayThe Site Manager, Jospeh Mlulu, Ensures a Good Joint with the Delivery Suite Plasterwork







Initial decoration works were carried out prior to the terrazzo works, and were completed soon thereafter.


Completing the stand for the pre-op rinse bowlGrinding the new floor to a fine polishMr Zao: Hainan International's Foreman ensures a high quality Finish

The Hainan Terrazzo Team: Top Row from Left - Mr Zao (Foreman), Stivu Mawazo, and Aberd Mtango.  Bottom Row from Left - Robert Thomas and Willy Andreus.

A team of Terrazzo experts from Hainan International Ltd based in Dar es Salaam were brought in to complete flooring works in the Theatre, Sterilisation Room and Changing Room.

The Building Team Take a Well Earned Break from Plastering Work

Maternity WardThe already completed delivery suite, opened on 8th July 2005 by the District Commissioner of Mpwapwa, Col (Rtd.) Enos Mfuru, will allow those with known safe deliveries to give birth in a clean safe environment – adding this theatre and its associated facilities will ensure that all complications and emergencies can be given equal opportunity.Mama Venesia Mafolwa and her DaughterThe District Commissioner of Mpwapwa Officially Opens the New Wing







Mama Venesia Mafolwa and her Twins with the Grandmother and Midwife

Preparing the windows







The Official Openning Ceremony - The People

View of the Theatre from the Changing Room

The Complete Maternity (Minor Ops) Theatre






Phase 3, has now added an additional ward, independent of the main building to allow those recovering from Caesareans not to take up bed space for those able to give birth normally.

 We give thanks to God for everyone who has made this possible. Rachel Tarling

 Yours sincerely,

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Mpwapwa Maternity Wing Phase 2 Progress Report

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