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Grateful Thanks and Appreciation -

Go to all those who have by "any and every means" raised funds to make both Strategic Projects and On Going Equipping Possible.

Among many others those who have made a special effort include: -

All Saint's Cathedral, Ving'hawe

  • St. Mary's, Redbourn
  • St. Nicholas' Church, Sevenoaks
  • United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel

Construction Department's 110 (1993) Land Rover Pick-Up 

  • St. Dunstan's College, Catford

St. Luke's Clinic Main Building

  • Clean Air Action
  • Crosslinks
  • Dr Rachel Drayson
  • The Grant Trust
  • National (UK) Coal Board
  • Olive Merrick
  • Sarah Plant
  • St. Bede's School, Reigate
  • Joy Hallam

Maternity Wing Phase 1

  • Barbara Tarling Memorial Fund
  • Christ Church Bedford
  • Christ Church Bromley
  • David West Memorial Fund
  • The Edgar Milward Charity
  • Lord George & Lady Eileen Carey of Clifton
  • The Hilden Charity
  • The Marsh Christian Trust
  • Medical Mission Auxiliary (CMS Australia)
  • Miss RA Bishop
  • St. Nicholas Sevenoaks, Mum's Group
  • DFID LogoEastern Africa (Tanzania) - HM (United Kingdom) Government


Maternity Wing Phase 2

  • Maurice and Hilda Laing Charitable Trust
  • R & L Evans Charitable Fund
  • DFID LogoEastern Africa (Tanzania) - HM (United Kingdom) Government


    Maternity Wing Phase 3

  • St. Margaret's Church, Angmering
  • Philip Tarling

    Maternity Wing Phase 4

  • Christ Church Dartford
  • St. Margaret's Church, Angmering
  • Michael & Brenda Knowles

St. Luke's Series III (1974) Land Rover 

  • Tralee Regional College 

St. Luke's 110 (2004) Land Rover 

  • Simavit
  •  St. Margaret's Church, Angmering

Ving'hawe Primary School

  • British High Commission
  • Sutton High School
  • Joy Hallam

Wotta Secondary School

  • St. James' Church, New York
  • Sutton High School

Thanks also go to the ongoing support of Crosslinks  and the Partner Churches: -

There are many other individuals who have Given Quietly, Prayed Much, and who have Kept in Touch such that it would be neither possible nor right to name them all!  The Heavenly Father has already added His thanks to ours for their hard work in making the Partnership possible.

Donors gallery

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