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Prospectus (2002) of the Diocese of Mpwapwa

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The Diocese of Mpwapwa

The Diocese of Mpwapwa is part of the Anglican Church of Tanzania. It was carved out of the Diocese of Central Tanganyika, and inaugurated on 23rd June 1991.

Bishop Jacob Chimeledya    Bishop Jacob Chimeledya at his installation as Diocesan Bishop

Rt. Revd. Dr Jacob Chimeledya

The Diocese is led by the Diocesan Bishop,  The Rt. Rev. Dr Jacob Chimeledya who was installed as the second Diocesan Bishop on Sunday 30th September 2007.  Under him is the Diocesan Secretariat which comprises four officers heading the departments of Development Services, Christian Education, Finance, and Stewardship and Evangelism.  There are also eighty-eight priests and twenty-six deacons, working in eighty-five parishes with around 680 congregations.  All, but a handful of these are in rural areas.  It is estimated that there are 150,000 members of the Diocese, of whom sixty percent are below the age of forty-five years.

Rt. Rev. Dr. Simon E Chiwanga

Rt. Revd. Dr Simon Chiwanga

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Simon E. Chiwanga, who was the first Diocesan Bishop retired in 2007.

As a relatively new Diocese, Mpwapwa lacks a heritage of equipment and foreign capital reserves on which to draw. However it is rich in enthusiasm and team work, offering a sound base for the life and work of the Church.

Diocesan Shield



The Diocesan Shield (Nembo)

The Diocesan Council Members and Staff: 29th April 2005

Emblem Description :
The Cross of Christ is set over the Rolling Hills and mountains of Mpwapwa as the Sun rises once more in the East to declare His Good News, illustrated here by the open book of the Holy Scriptures.  Outreach would not be possible without those who tirelessly spread the Gospel, symbolised in the lower part of the shield by the Ngoma Drum.  This is to be done faithfully as with the two edged sword of truth, but with gentleness and compassion as represented by the Shepherd's Staff.  The shield is set under the Episcopal Authority of the Bishop's Mitre.

The Diocesan Motto is in Kiswahili "Kumtazama Yesu" which means Looking Unto Jesus and speaks of the need to keep our eyes firmly set on Him especially when the road is rough and steep.


The Diocese takes in the administrative boundaries of the Mpwapwa and Kongwa Districts (approximately 4144 square kilometres (1600 square miles) in area), which were created before the First World War by the German Colonial Authorities. It is almost centrally located on the Tanzanian mainland, lying between the 5 30' and 7 latitudes and straddles the 36 longitude line. Its dominant physical features include semi arid scrubland formed at around 3000ft ~ 4000ft above sea level, and a mountainous belt across the centre with peaks upwards of 7000ft. Climatically Mpwapwa is relatively cool at night and warm and sunny during the day. The average temperature is 21C with average rainfall of 700mm per annum. In good years the rainy season starts from mid November until the end of April, but about one in every five years it is prone to fail completely.

Mpwapwa Town is situated in the centre of the Mpwapwa district, with a population of about 30,000. It acts as the administrative centre for the district, with facilities such as a bank, a post office, a court house, a veterinary research centre, a secondary school and a teacher training college. It lies nestled into the edge of the hills, approximately 80km (about 2 hours drive) from Dodoma.

St Luke's Hospital is situated in the village of Ving'hawe, on the outskirts of Mpwapwa town. The village has a population of approximately 5000, covering a fairly widespread area. About half this number are under 15, and about a quarter are under 5.

The People

Africa Lady (Clipart)

Map showing Mpwapwa and Kondoa Dioceses

Diocese of RochesterDeclaring the Word & Work of God for All Time (AD604 - AD2004)


Shield of the Diocese of Rochester (Church of England)

At the Rochester Diocesan Synod (Church of England) meeting on 16 October 2004 a link was approved between the Diocese of Rochester and the Dioceses of Mpwapwa and Kondoa.  We very much look forward to the ongoing establishing and development of this in the fellowship and love of the Lord.


Diocese of Mpwapwa

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