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Diocese of Mpwapwa Shield

Could this be Godís Place for YOU?

 Needed:  Medical Co-ordinator for Diocese of Mpwapwa and Doctor in Charge of

St. Luke's Health Centre, Mpwapwa, Tanzania

St Lukeís Health Centre, Mpwapwa, Tanzania

(Anglican Church of Tanzania)

Maternity Wing Minor Ops TheatreTo: -

  •          See and treat patients

  •          Supervise MCH, Maternity, HIV work

  •          Provide specialist investigations: -

                    e.g. ECG, Ultrasound

  •          Provide vision, strategic planning and spiritual leadership

  •          Oversee finances

  •          Develop medical services for other areas of the Diocese

  •          Coordinate with Government Health Services and other NGOs in the area & further afield

Also to work with the local church in: -

  •          Encouraging small group work

  •          Developing the 10 oíclock Youth Service at St Paulís Church

  •          Teaching and preachingAll Saints' Cathedral, Ving'hawe, Mpwapwa

And to share with the Anglican Church leadership at Diocesan level

For further information please contact: -

Godfrey and Rachel Tarling

PO Box 306



 or see

or speak to Crosslinks (+44 20 8691 6111)

or another Anglican / Sympathetic Sending Mission Agency

and refer to Crosslinks Vacancy Ref: M2006/1: -


Please Note: This Post needs External Mission Agency Partner Funding

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