First Name :  Malcolm
Last Name :  Rothwell
Comment :    God bless you all in all you do.

First Name :  Stephanie & Johnny

Comment :    Just dropped in from the Belfast office of Crosslinks to your super site!

First Name :  Jan
Last Name :  Campana

Comment :    Wonderful. Hope to get to see you again this year.

First Name :  Revd. Raymond
Last Name :  Furnell

Comment :    An excellent introduction to the two students we are working to send from York Minster to teach English in the Diocese next year.

First Name :  Shawn
Last Name :  Evans

Comment :   I was there in July 1999. My name is Shawn Evans, I came with Ben and Vanessa Henneke, from Truro Episcopal church. I have just heard of the new addition to the family... Congratulations!!!

First Name :  Joy
Last Name :  Hallam

Comment :  God's Blessings, on you all, hoping the workload is not too strenuous there!  Always in my loving thoughts, in the work you do in the Name of our Lord

First Name :  Katie
Last Name :  Surrey

Comment :   Much improved since the last time I checked it out, especially the navigation / links 

First Name :  Lesley
Last Name :  Powell

Comment :   Lots to see and read about on your site. 

First Name :  John
Last Name :  Dingle

Comment :   Good Web Site. 

First Name :  Paul & Mary plus the mob
Last Name :  Nelson

Comment :   Thought we should write in your book and say our thoughts and prayers are with you to support your work. 

First Name :   Peter and Jackie
Last Name :   Finch-Turner

Comment :   Your web site is both  interesting and informative, and we find this glimpse of the Church and your work makes us look forward to our trip even more. 

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