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The Harvest Fields are Ripe, but the Workers are Few...

Baptism in Ilolo ChurchWorship in Maili 30 Church


  • The area is fairly loyal to the Anglican tradition with around 60% of the population linked to an Anglican Church.

  • For us, with all services in Swahili we get quite dry spiritually as it means worship comes from the head rather than the heart.

  • With 50% of the Population under 15, the Church is growing organically and soAlpha Logo - Click here to download a Swahili Copy of Questions of Life there is a tendency not to see the need for evangelistic outreach.  There are many who do not see Christianity as being relevant to their every day lives.  For many others who come to Church, it is just a habit - part of the way society works

  • This makes vital the need to develop and establish teaching such as the Alpha courses.  Unfortunately even the 65p needed to buy the booklet "Maswali ya Maisha" is highly resisted by potential participants.

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Please note that Maswali ya Maisha is copyrighted: -

(to: Rachel Tarling 2001-2004)

You may freely use it for Educational / Not for Profit Purposes, provided the source is acknowledged.

Otherwise please first seek Permission, Thank you.

Church Life

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