"Break the Silence"
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We, the representatives of the conference (the participants) of the Anglican Church

"Living with Hope - ACT in Response to HIV and AIDS"

which happened at TEC, Kurasini, Dar~es~Salaam

on November 1-5, 2000 state that: -

The main ways of preventing the spread of AIDS are:-

  1. Practicing abstinence before marriage

  2. Practicing faithfulness and fidelity in marriage.

  3. Educating people on the use of condoms, when there is a need, in order to save life; because life is a gift from God.  But  not to distribute condoms.

Together with this, we state that:-

  1. We support the Anglican Bishops' Statement which was released from Dodoma on the 10th of October 2000.

  2. We support the various activities of the Government, non-governmental organisations, religious organisations and also the activities of the leaders of our dioceses; and we will do our best to implement our plans in a manner which is acceptable.

  3. We seek to encourage our schools, Bible colleges, theological colleges, and even our universities to prepare plans to include teaching about human sexuality and reproductive health as part of their curriculum.

  4. We would like to encourage the leaders of the Church and its communities to give their institutions this report, and education and training concerning sexual and reproductive health.


"Break the Silence"

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